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07-26-2010, 09:08 PM
Originally Posted by DES_SNIPER View Post
I think it is long past time for the Double Facepalm....everyone on 3....2....1.....

Cpt.William2 you have asked the questions repeatedly. People have responed to your question repeatedly. You ask a question that ends up trashing the answer you just recieved. The same poster or new poster gives you another answer in which you trash again. And so the circle of life continues...

I am begining to think that this a recreation of the Data, B4 scenes in which B4 keeps asking WHY?
I asked peoples opinions and when people make comments, I respond, whether I disagree or agree. You happen to be like people who just don't like what I have to say and want to act as if I'm just some sort of idiot. This thread is about people's opinions and when an "answer" is flawed, I point it out. Where is the problem?

"My main point is, what do ya'll think of the last bullet point? Has anyone been able to get the Connie or the Galaxy-X by playing the game? Try to state your opinion of Cryptic's handling but don't attack each other, keep it clean!"

Posting a DEV response doesn't "answer" any questions.

Th only time I "trashed" was a response that had been copied over to an unrelated thread.

I think you need a facepalm.