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07-26-2010, 09:45 PM
Originally Posted by DES_SNIPER View Post
The issue is you disagree with everyones post.

Now you are generalizing everyone who does not agree with you into one giant category like it is a massive Cpt.William2 conspiracy.

Every answer is flawed to you. ALL of your questions have been answered REPEATEDLY. You keep asking "What color is the sky?" When everyone tells you it is BLUE, you argue that everyone is wrong and you are right.

Maybe if you keep asking "What color is the sky?' someone will finally say its RED and you can go home happy!

Now if there is nothing else, I have dailys that I have to grind out.

PS you said it, I didnt!
I'm not generalizing everyone who disagrees with me into one category. There are several people here who disagree with me, and we disagree, but I haven't called them anything, cause they haven't been angry or accusatory. You have.

Which "answers" are our referring to, once again, I'm asking for OPINIONS and then discussing them. I'm asking what do you think of the sky? not what color is the sky?