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07-26-2010, 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
Bugs reported in the forum is not the same as bugs reported in game, and the more in game bug reports you send specially if it's the same bug, the more information they get about the bug so that they can fix it.

I encountered the same bug 3 times at the different systems in 3 different situations and I sent a bug report on all 3 so that the devs can cross-check and see what is the common issue that may cause the bug to happen.

Away team selector window popping up for a second time after you have beamed down...happened twice, both reported.

UI buttons stops working, happened 3 times in different systems...reported all 3 times

Ship interior, some doors missing sound. Found on both Fed and KDF side and even though they are the same bug, I reported them once from both factions.

And allot of other bugs that I found...didn't even bother to check the forum...if a similar bug report doesn't show up in the search window when you report a bug so that you can click on "I have the same issue" button, then file a new one. It's better to submit one report to many than one report to long as it isn't a report like "Ship x is blocking my view from the window" or "The floor is dusty, clean it".

When you send a bug report in game, you aren't just sending your wall of text, but the system also takes a screen shot, gathers data about your location, your surroundings and allot of other details that you can't otherwise give that helps the devs find the bugs easier and also gives them a statistics on what bug happens more frequent than others so that they can prioritize bug fixing to fix the most common and most game breaking 1st.
Good reporting. That is EXACTLY what you should have done!

Originally Posted by Shizen_Giggles View Post
Sums up why most folks came out this weekend, haha...I didn't see any developers though, what was up with that?

I logged a truckload of tickets, you guys better start to testing and logging or else those bugs will hit Holodeck and you'll be racing to the forums to post TL;DR whines
There were Devs everywhere......some not so obvious tho. Wouldn't want those poor guys to get mobbed now would we??

SEASON 2 tomorrow!! Woot!! My game is already patched minus the last 1%, is yours?
Cross your fingers and hope that everything works out ok.