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# 1 Season 2 leveling Advice
07-27-2010, 06:54 AM
As you know, leveling a Klingon is as fun as being dragged over sandpaper naked. A few tips on how to keep yourself from going crazy:

You can often level faster in groups - team up, it makes the rinse-repeat PvE content easier to manage - and based on the math the more ships in space combat will often lead to better XP when in groups of 2 or 3 (not so much for groups of 4 or 5).

The content of the new missions is good, but the XP - not so much. Deep Space Exploration missions are good, but some of the empire defense missions can be better XP - if you are grouped.

Keeping the PvP queues moving in Season 2 is going to suck - the changes are just dreadful. Don't queue unless you intend to PvP - because not accepting the queue hurts everyone. It is basically a griefer tool now - so your best bet is forming groups and entering the queue as a group instead of a PUG.