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07-27-2010, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
You mean the Shatnerverse where Kirk was resurrected (again), and defeated the almighty Borg by literally, honest to god 100% literally, flipping a switch?
I still have that novel around somewhere, I remember the Star Trek Away Team and the cloaking ship he introduced I think.

Cant really knock him for the flipping a switch thing though, afterall this was WELL before First Contact or Voyager had established some more Borg lore. Additionally, he tied in V'ger into the situation as most fanfictions seem to think V'ger = Borg thus it was stupid in HINDSIGHT.

This is a prime reason of why only taking what is actual canon on screen is a good idea. 'Soft canon' is entirely vulnerable to being over-written and made to look stupid. Or simply be the means for biased writers to get their own 'fiction'

In this case Shatnar stroking his own ego with Kirk fantasies.