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07-27-2010, 03:51 PM
For those who read my all know that I am usually one to jump to defence of the DEVs, but someone really scrood the pooch on this patch. My client has crashed 3 times since launch. has crashed at least a dozen times from this patch.

Cause: Your graphics settings may be too high, please adjust your graphics and try again.

My graphics are at the absolute minimum now. It still grashed from graphics, and in the middle of mission none-the-less

My system exceeds the minimums on the retail box. Why can't I run your client Cryptic????? Why can't I play the game I have invested hundreds in???? I can't afford a new computer, I'm stuck with what I got, and you go and change the graphics so that I can't play??? Please tell me it's a mere oversight, and it will be corrected ASAP. I can deal with long loading screens, I can deal with sub-par graphics, but now......I crash, for no reason, while sitting in sector space.......I crash in the middle of combat.....all of it, graphics related. Not a DC, not a huge lag......just crash.

If this is a ploy to force people to upgrade compnents from those you have deals with.....ok......then have them send me a new puter that will run the game......if this is going to be a permanant change, please post so I can make appropriate adjustments to my account.

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I don't want to leave, or cancel......but if I can't use my current system can I continue to play??