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07-27-2010, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Refelian View Post
So I love the game and the concept and on the whole most of it is great... but the one thing that I canít enjoy at the moment is ground combat. Compared to every other game Iíve ever played both MMO and not it doesn't take this long to kill a single enemy or group of enemies. Four or five hits max... it's all it needs. Compensate by putting more in, just make them die quicker please because it's so dull trying to kill the same group who heal and whatever else for so long during a small part of a mission.

In conjunction with this, auto fire for ground combat? Why don't we have it?

Crypic you've got a lot right and the new additions sound exciting and I was so impressed with the Beta I got a lifetime sub... but please, please, please sort out ground combat to make it less dull, quicker to kill enemies and with auto fire.

alternativly you could take the time to build your away team with good equipment . skills and traits , take time to learn what works and what dosent and generally use your mind , my boffs do kill things in 4-5 hits because i did this currently