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I have not been able to play season 2 yet, to see all the new I have to re-download STO because I needed to reinstall Windows 7 onto Parallels (virtual drive) to play on my Mac OS X snow Leopard software.

That is besides the point, other then to state I have not played to rate the game yet, and to say you really should make STO compatible with Mac operating systems.

However, before I purchase a STO subscription or suggest it to friends or family i will be waiting till the following features to come out, as a bare minimum.

1) Romulan Faction, playable with content in storyline...not just PVP.
2) Diplomacy - Ability to chose what you say in situations (similar to choose your own adventure novels) which in turn, effects the situation.
3) Ability to set phasers on "stun" or "kill", and in space to "disable" or "destroy"..not the mission choosing for me.

Those are the three basic, bare minimum components I would need before really recommending STO to others. I would really become a raving fan of STO if you also made it:

4) Compatible with the Mac OS X software.
5) Voice overs for all the text in missions, like the intro mission for STO.
6) Allowed use to fly into uncharted areas of space that the longer you flew, the farther you went...maybe even being a week out in actual game play.

Cryptic your doing a great job in just half a year I feel, but before I recommend STO to my less committed Star Trek Fans...I think the above needs to happen.