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07-27-2010, 05:06 PM

my first experiences with the new patch:

First of all I took a look at my ships interiors and I must say, awsome! No matter all the ships look the same, but great improvement as everything looks nice and matching Star Trek.

After that I tried to do my daily in B'Tran... I wasn't able to load any mission as I lost connection after about 5 minutes of loading screen.. then i went back to Sol did some stuff and then tried the Delta Volanis for maybe new missions... again, I disonnected after a huge load of waiting. (Tried 5 times.) Maybe It's because the server was crouded like hell, maybe there's an issue...

After all I can say, big plus was that when I disconnected this morning the download of the patch started about 4 hours before the patch was applied, JUST AWSOME! no waiting time for downloads, when everyone goes online after server is back, but no missions... well i will wait for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if it will work then.

So big Plus and a little minus for the patch. Let's hope it's just a minor lag-issue. Still thnx Cryptic for the improvements. can't wait for diplomacy ^^

Btw, why do I have to help others to get some accolades for missions I already did during my career?


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