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07-28-2010, 12:14 AM
Well as it is right now they are looking in to ways to earn it in the game. ( it is a game of cat and mouse between the devs, and the accountants. ) Granted it will be hard to earn, but at least it would be semi free.
( you have to pay a sub )

as for the game dieing. STO has a lot of good things going for it. the single server, the fact that we don't need that big of a population to survive compared to other MMOs, and the fact that we have a really dedicated dev team. The people saying it is going to die is normal for an MMO. the first year is shaky no matter what MMO it is. there are those who fear the end is near, and then there are some who just want the game to fail. ( I really don't know why. ) I really don't see this game failing even with some of the other games coming out. granted the population might get low, but one thing that need to be reminded is the fact that EVE online ( the other single server space game ) survived for two and a half years with only 30k worth of subscribers. that game turned out great. I feel safe to say that this game will survive.

as for being on the fence. Atari marketing just dropped the price to sale more boxes. it is now 19 bucks. ( keep an eye out on steam becasue they have sales on it's games all the time, and it might drop lower ) but this is a better time then ever to try it out. ( 19 bucks is not that much )