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07-28-2010, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
If only I could obtain character respecs in-game somehow. It'd save me tons o' money!
>snicker< Yeah, if only... Heehee...

Originally Posted by cold_gin_time_again View Post
I'd go as far to say:

" Everything including character services should be achievable by in-game quests, rewards, etc."

.or "Everything in the C-store should have an alternate in-game way to get them."

I get, and am willing to accept, the proposed concept of the Benign C-Store: All game features/content require monetary offset to be produced. Cryptic can keep more staff "on the clock" in order to get more into the game sooner, rather than later. These "do it now" salaries are covered by the C-Store Microtransactions.

Dstahl, and other devs, have said they agree that time spent in-game earning "items" can amount to real world money spent, and that he/they want to see that happen.

Ok, so it seems to me Cryptic needs to go talk to the bean counters. Figure out a "value" of in-game time vs. RL cash that makes them happy (and presumably would be acceptable by a great majority of players), and get everything that is currently in the C-Store available through some in-game "time/currencies".

This should be the next bit of feature/content for Cryptic to complete before adding anything else to the C-Store. And keep this up going forward.

Do this, and it would prove the C-Store isn't a Greedy Draconian Orwellian Corporate Overlording Creation Sent from The Future Targeting All STO Players to Financial Ruin and Termination!!! The C-Store would become the literal shortcut, it's meant to be.