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12-08-2008, 09:42 AM
unless you are greedy then you would say....we have the ear of the star trek community and our contract is up with you. if you want us to place an ad on our website you have to pay X amount of money. Cryptic then may say well that is way to much money. we were hoping to only pay Y amount. now then Y < X so the website guy says well i want X and no less. so then Cryptic says i am sorry but we can't pay you that. then the site says well then you will have to do this without the support of the star trek website and then just never changed the info on the site. that or the ST website is run by monkeys stuck in a time loop lol. i am sure Cryptic doesn't run every little idea about the game by the ST website guys. if there is bad blood between Cryptic and isn't because of the game. no one but cryptic even knows what the end product is really going to look like and play like, and they aren't going to tell anyone till they are ready to sell the game. we could see the newest game changer for mmos or a could be somewhere in between. what ever happens....don't judge the company or game on the fact that a website doesn't have an ad or an update for the game.