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Originally Posted by Diomasach View Post
Cpt.William2;2896249]A tier 1 ship with more, hull, more consoles, and scalable phasers does not give you an advantage?
Oh the mighty Connie with his phaser... You buy can ingame phaser with the same stats has the Connie one. They do not scale but they are the same... For the hull, you get a few point more 1 more console slot.

I would say 20% more is a pretty good advantage. A Console that can make you faster, stronger, or more efficient.

A cloakable battlecruiser with a phaser lance does not give you an advantage?
Did you read all the talk about the Gal-X... it seem that you did not and they have free alternative in the game aka Defiant, Voyager and Galaxy Refit

It still is a very good vehicle with three extremely unique powers (cloak, phaser lance, and It is also the only Cruiser that can equip cannons)

Multiple player races that have access to unique Traits do not give an advantage?
What advantage? Skills are balanced because it would not work otherwise. BO and Captain can not have all skill so one skill might beat one but another one will beat that skill. If skill where not balanced all player would have to get all skill if they really had and advantage.

Oh, the special traits and abilities (Feline Instincts, Dumb Luck, Pounce, Symbiote) are available to everyone, I had no idea.

Buying a tribble that can cut the breeding process by half is not an advantage?
Geez... ok so you have to wait a few more hours for your tribble...

It is an advantage, it saves a lot of time.

Buying a Boff that has an in-game trait automatically, that others can only get randomly is not an advantage?
So you can get them in game right?

It is very hard but with this, a few dollars and you instantly get it, therefore you have an ADVANTAGE.
My point was, they are more than cosmetic, they do give an advantage.