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07-28-2010, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by Matunus
Love the guy and his if its canon it shouldnt be there bs, because everything can be considerd canon if you put the right spin on it. and cpt williams thinks it all should be free because for some reason he thinks his 14.99 a month covers it all, ohh yea hes a blue name so he dont pay a monthly anyway. I don't mind paying a little extra to get things in game that problily wont make it there any other way . Answer me this why does it seam to me anyways that the biggest complainers are the lifers that feel they are better than all the rest and because they paid 300 up front it all should be free for them now?
I don't feel I am "better" than the monthlies, that is slander. Actually, according to the DEVs it would end up there, just later. I have paid my dues and technically, I paid 16 months at $14.99 all up front so don't even dare act as if this is free for me. I'm pretty sick of monthlies acting like Lifers are just playin for free, we paid, end of story.

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Like i say before which advantage.

And what do you call mmo you sell expansion pack?
Read the blue comments.