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07-28-2010, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Diomasach View Post
Multiple player races that have access to unique Traits do not give an advantage?
What advantage? Skills are balanced because it would not work otherwise. BO and Captain can not have all skill so one skill might beat one but another one will beat that skill. If skill where not balanced all player would have to get all skill if they really had and advantage.
They have unique traits that you can't have access to unless you buy them. Play a Pakled with certain ground chosen traits in Ground PvP, you'll rarely be stunned or placated because of the added "dumb luck" trait you can buy.

The rest of your blind defending is pointless, because you miss the point where it was said items in the nickel & dime store were cosmetic only, when it's clearly obvious they're more than "just cosmetic" and have blatantly obvious game effects on some of the items being sold.