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07-28-2010, 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by kivrin
Maybe I'm being nitpicky but on the Justice bridge the UFP symbols/writing is updside down by the captains chair.
That is all you spotted?

The panels for first officer chair, captain chair the councelor's chair are upside down and 3 panels instead of 1 each. the 3rd panel is cut off.

The screen shots show a galaxy class schem on the LCARS stations behind tactical, they aren't there

Engineering station panel across the bridge from the ready room is off. As in black, turned off.

the LCARS panels for tactical behind the captains chair and the engineering and science stations behind tactical are cut off.

Turbo lift, take it at your own risk. you more times than not fall through the lift for a nice space walk or emerge inside the lift wall.

I feel sorry for anybody that paid for these yet, unfortunately somebody had to so we can see all the mistakes..