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07-29-2010, 01:55 AM
Ok i am really ticked off about this dabo game! I played for the Breen holo-emitter and was ripped off!! I spent like 4hours getting the latinum and spending like a million credits on dabo and came up short with a ONE TIME USE ONLT holo-emitter! I have never felt so ripped off in my life and i never thought that it would be star trek to commit such an act! If you want proof that i had it i have screenshots and now i dont have the device after 15minutes!! NOTHING anywhere says ONE TIME USE ONLY, nothing anywhere! I checked my inventory and everything for it and notta nothin ziltch!! Once again this really dissapoints and i warn anyone else do not waste your time with DABO!!!, it is a fun game and i thought the payoff was worth it, i love flying around being a Breen ship, untill my 15 minutes was up and i realized the emitter was gone!!!! and that i had wasted alot of time and credits for nothin!!! I want retribution, i want my credits back or just the darn emitter!!
I was ripped off and i want compesation!!