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12-08-2008, 02:54 PM
I'm also looking forward to this "episodic mission structure." If I understand, it sounds like a good decision for the mission structure of Star Trek Online to reflect the episodic structure of the TV show -- that's a good usage of the license, and an improvement on the disconnected standalone mini-missions of most of today's MMORPGs.

One note: I'm hoping that NPCs in STO will be designed (within reasonable limits) to have goals and be aware of events that occur near them -- not because that would be "cool," but because in the world of Star Trek, good stories spring from interesting characters. To what extent is the AI for NPCs in Star Trek Online helping Christine do her job of creating memorable experiences in the Star Trek universe?

Just curious. At any rate, thanks to Christine and the Cryptic team for another enjoyable peek inside the process.