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07-29-2010, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by gornman47
Ok i am really ticked off about this dabo game! I played for the Breen holo-emitter and was ripped off!! I spent like 4hours getting the latinum and spending like a million credits on dabo and came up short with a ONE TIME USE ONLT holo-emitter! I have never felt so ripped off in my life and i never thought that it would be star trek to commit such an act! If you want proof that i had it i have screenshots and now i dont have the device after 15minutes!! NOTHING anywhere says ONE TIME USE ONLY, nothing anywhere! I checked my inventory and everything for it and notta nothin ziltch!! Once again this really dissapoints and i warn anyone else do not waste your time with DABO!!!, it is a fun game and i thought the payoff was worth it, i love flying around being a Breen ship, untill my 15 minutes was up and i realized the emitter was gone!!!! and that i had wasted alot of time and credits for nothin!!! I want retribution, i want my credits back or just the darn emitter!!
I was ripped off and i want compesation!!
lol...a captain and his latinum shall soon be separated.

So let me quess. You thought that for an insignificant amount of time/latinum you were going to be able to permanently "be a Breen ship". Sure that makes sense. Anyway, no where did it say that it was permanent and while I can't check now, I thought it was pretty clear that it was temporary. Also, the value of 15 minutes for the price seems about right.

That said...a permanent option would maybe be okay, but only for many millions of latinum or more. Don't want everyone to be flying a Breen or Undine ship; or worse, a space slug.