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12-08-2008, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
Razor had the chance to sit down with Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy last month at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Read what Nimoy has to say about filming Trek, games, the new movie and more.
(The Enterprise crew) are good people doing good work for good reasons. I think that's terribly important, a big part of what the whole franchise is about: the hopefulness of the future, and professional people working together, successfully solving problems.
Read more here!
This is SUCH an important quote... and why STO both has me hopeful and cynically despondent.

I'd love to see a game which actually encouraged and rewarded players to thought and acted in deep and meaningful ways for more then personal gain or ego-fulfillment.

And Im very afraid that its the exact opposite of what the MMO community is iikely to create in STO based on their performance in other games. Which gets us back to the idea of a "cannon server", maybe, but it would tkae a VERY good writer to explain the Star trek philosophy in a way the common MMO player raised on 2 Dimensional comic books and fantasy literature can grok it. And I have no idea how you would enforce it