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Originally Posted by RandomRedshirt View Post
I'm a bit curious. In Las Vegas, Jack said that Cryptic was going to be hiring a professional Star Trek writer, someone who was intimately familiar with the franchise, a veteran if you will.

But it seems this writer comes from the fish wrapper industry. Why the 180 change in direction? I'm pretty curious as to why someone was brought in that has NO background in Trek whatsoever over someone who at the very least has a Trek game credit to their resume, or a Trek novelist, or in the ideal scenario, a writer for one of the series.
If you didn't notice, most the writing for every star trek game besides Elite Force were horrible. The writers for STX did a lousy job, and the writers for enterprise took till after the series was canceled to come up with anything remotely interesting and relevant to the star trek universe. So Veteran writer creds don't make you a good writer, much of the veteran writers lost that magic touch to there stories after Gene Roddenberry left the picture.

Its about time we have writers who come into the franchise with a fresh mind; and know a thing or two about writing, plot devices, and have other fantastic writing skills.

It seems to me that she's not going to disapoint us. She has seen every star trek episode, and reads a book a week. She now knows more about star trek than most likely you. And given her wonderful education background, her background in intence writing working envirnments, and her obviously well developed intelect, its no doubt that she studies story line themes of the shows, movies and books, and works hard at understanding the IP at a very intimate level.

Also in writing star trek, the most important knowledge to have isn't knowledge of the star trek IP, its worldly knowledge, and understanding of politics, drama, history, and worldly affairs; an understanding of how people work in relationships, and through stress ect; and a nack for creative plots. - this knowledge is what is important to actually create interesting plots that keep people wanting to read more.

In other words, she's smart, capable, and is putting her hart into it. that is when masterpieces are written.

All I ask, and I'm sure she understands this, is that the story follows inline with the vision and feeling of star trek, its true to caanon, the story line is thrilling and full of treky goodness, and she works hard on proper charecter development.

By the way, what I've been reading on the last 3 time line posts are better than anything released into star trek cannon since the end of DS9 and VOY.

Thanks for the interview Christine, I've loved the plot so far. Can't wait for more, and to experience the game for myself.