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07-29-2010, 01:43 PM
Yeah, the tutorial is lacking, but for the hand holding thing... Well that's why it's called a tutorial. Now granted STO is not a very complicated game, like Star Wars Galaxies was before the NGE (very hard to get into, as it had NO tutorial, it was learning by doing), but it's very helpfull for new players not used to MMO games...

Now what could have made it better?? Well one of the good things that that happened to SWG (yes that game again) with the NGE was the tutorial. Not very original, but you were rescued from an Imperial base by none other than Han Solo, and you escaped the station in The Millenium Falcon, and you could even run around in the Falcon,, And one part even had you in the gun turret, shooting down TIE Fighters.

That is what the tutorial in STO should have been like, except exchenga the Millenium Falcon with the Enterprise or Voyager. Places that players would recognise, and go from there...