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07-29-2010, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by W-T-Riker
played dabo on Tribble and won more then one time 100.000

at holodeck highest Win i saw were 15.000

but price off EMITTERS they have not changed...

They should make them cheaper or make Winning again easyer.

And more things to buy like they said whould be good too. Some things for my Office and Room on my Ship whould be nice.

On Holodeck i need 100.000 EC to get 50.000 Gold - latinum
on Tribble it was 1:1 or even more Latinum for every EC
Riker, I think it is better now than what it was for me the pay outs are right and the cost to play is right.

Most people that are RA5 would have at least a million in Energy Credits spending 300 of these to play Dabo at a time is not a big loss considering you will get your money back when you sell drops on the exchange or replicate it for credits.

It was to easy to win on Tribble, you could get millions of Latinum in a short game time. The payouts were to large and to often.

Considering how Latinum was shown in DS9 as a rare currency to have millions of bars is not realistic to have. Look at how many times Latinum was traded to get special benefits.

The Emitters could be cheaper if they keep the 15min usage time only. However I would rather want Luxury items for my Ship or Person as a frequent player.