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I accepted a couple of attache level missions from the ambassador, and it turns out, when I go to the respective clusters, the "Diplomatic Investigation" tab comes up, but all I get is the same scan mission over and over. When I check my mission log, it doesn't record me ever accepting the assignments. BUG. FAIL. A side note... Everything just seems great on Tribble, and in my opinion, something screwy must have happened when Cryptic moved the build to Holodeck because there are a few things rotten in Denmark, or should I say the B'Tran Cluster. The missions I have already accepted and returning to patrol for "Explore the B'Tran Cluster" redirect me to different systems. (similar to the Diplomatic Investigation Problem) Also, teaming in B'Tran is now defunct. I try to join the system my teammate is in, I read him in a different instance of the system I'm in, and he reads me in a different instance of the area he's in, while both of us are in two completely separate locations. BUG BUG BUG. By Surmise, the B'Tran issues may be occurring in the other clusters as well. Anyone else having these problems?