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07-30-2010, 10:59 AM
Welcome to STO Ms. Masterson! Excellent VO work... Not only are you gifted with a naturally beautiful voice (and let's face it, a sexy voice!), but it's your acting skills, tone, and the inflections you put into it that bring the game's Leeta Hologram avatar to life! Well done m'Lady, well done!

And Thanks!

Originally Posted by Captain Conrad
I hope this encourages more cast members to join in
/signed +1,000,000!

Hey Ms. Masterson, are you still in contact with any of your old castmates? Maybe you could put in a good word, give 'em a call and tell them what fun you had working with STO/Cryptic, and maybe get 'em to sign-on! Huh, huh? Woodja, woodja!?! Pretty please!?! :p