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Originally Posted by RandomRedshirt View Post
Not every Star Trek game was a masterpiece, but that doesn't make all of them bad. The actual story in some of the games was pretty good. Legacy is a good example. Bridge Commander had a decent story, Starfleet Academy had a fun story, etc. So you can't dismiss all the games just because some of them aren't winners.

But that is beside the point.

I do find it interesting that everyone is so happy with the current storyline history additions. Anyone who takes the time to read these histories will discover these ideas, these historical components have already been written, by other writers, in already existing Trek novels. Sure, some key things have been changed here and there so that they didn't have to pay for the license to use the material, but in the end, this history has already been written, just creatively rearranged by this new head writer, but everyone on here, including you, wants to credit this woman for that.

We haven't seen anything that she actually wrote! How do we know if she is a good writer? She hasn't stopped using other people's creative works yet!

I also find it interesting how you bash on every Star Trek writer in existence based on the actions of just a handful of Trek's worst writers. (Early Enterprise writing was bad.) So you are saying that writers like David Gerrold, Dorthy Fontana who have been at it since TOS and continue to write good books, comic books, etc, don't have the skills to write good Trek stories? How about all the Trek novelists out there who wrote the works that Christine is using as the basis for her history. Guess they kinda suck too. And the writers for Voyager, DS9 and TNG obviously must not be good enough either since most of them are still around. Instead, this writer who before coming to Cryptic, never wrote any Trek material and only wrote for a fish wrapper, is better than EVERY other Trek writer in existence, including those who wrote the work that she is basing the history up to 2409 upon.

Smart frojoe. Real smart.

By the time STO launches, I think we'll see just how important it might have been to get an actual Star Trek writer, but by then, the damage will have already been done.
I wasn't saying that all Trek Writers are bad, in fact I didn't say any of the trek writers were bad. I love star trek because of its fantastic writing. But what I was saying is that Veteran doesn't mean good, and the latest works from these writers have not been all that great.

Also, every series of star trek was written by mostly new writers, most books were written with writers that were not involved with the TV shows (so when they started there books, they were new and not veteran) and I bet many of the games were written by studio staff.

As far as not having her own writing on the time line, her task right now isn't really to create new content, why would she when she has a license from paramount and CBS to use anything in the Trek IP. So her task right now is to watch all the shows and movies, play the video games, and read the books. Pick and choose what fits for the direction Cryptic wants to take is, and make sure there arn't any inconsistencies in the story line.

Anyways, I simply don't understand why its so horrible that we have an intelligent, informed, hard working writer, that seems to be dedicated to the IP. I think we can be thankful we have a writer thats more than a fan, and more than a simple writer. she seems to dedicate herself to the project, as seen with all the resurch she's doing, and because she is doing her homework to intamatly aquant herself with star trek, I look foreword to a fresh perspective in the franchise.

Honestly, I think you are making way to big of a deal about this. writers come and go, what matters is the content written.