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07-30-2010, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by loomis113
this looked better then the one in sto now this is what a fek'ihr carrier should look like

That is one of the fugliest ship Ive ever seen. Im sorry, it looks like a manta ray or a flounder got a Vor'cha stuck up is rear end.

Its so horribily whatever birthed it was hitting the pipe one too many times during gestation.

Thats easily the closest thing to a Klingon dumpster baby if Ive ever seen one.

Kahless would have melted that downand made it a paper weight.

That ship would have only been allowed to be constructed in a dry dock orbiting over the dark-side of the planet.

My cat hacked something that looked like that just the other night.

So thats what a 24th Century Klingon shoe-horn looks like. that a bus?

When that went out on its frist patrol...the Admiralty hoped it wouldnt come back.

I'll be here all weekend!