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12-09-2008, 07:34 AM
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Christine at GenCon. Friendly, outgoing, and very bright in my opinion. I'm sure she's both highly valued and well loved around Cryptic Studios. She's also community oriented, if you guys think listening to the fans is important.

They've been living off this stuff in the studio, and writing MMO feasable content is probably becoming second nature around there by now. They didn't just hire some unknown expert in Trek Content for writing content. That would be rediculous to try to fit the game.

I'm also sure that hiring some famous Star Trek fiction content writer to shape the development team was... how would Jack say it..... not in their cards.

Right-on Cryptic, I can't imagine you guys trying to build a Star Trek game by creating the Lore and cramming the game into it. This needs to be content written for an MMO, content created by.... you.

We're in good hands.