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# 158 Off Duty Uniform Guide
07-30-2010, 06:02 PM
Off Duty Uniforms:

While these outfits aren't exactly canon, they are quite close to some of those worn by cast members in the various series and films. Here's a few mock-ups I put together using contrasting colors that can be seen in TNG, VOY, DS9 and the TNG Films and a few others that are copies of those seen in the game.

The important thing to remember is really contrast. The ST costume folks liked to use a lot of pastels and put them against darker shades or bright foil trim. Earth tones were usually broken up with bright colors. Cool grays were usually contrasted against dark reds or violets.

Anyway, here's my take on them. Hope you all like them.

If you are looking for the DS9 - MU Off Duty Wear guides you can find them in the Mirror Universe Uniform Guide.

Simple Shirt 1
Simple Shirt 2
Simple Shirt 3
Simple Shirt 4
Simple Shirt 5

V-neck Wraparound 1
V-neck Wraparound 2
V-neck Wraparound 3
V-neck Wraparound 4
V-neck Wraparound 5

Strapped 1
Strapped 2
Strapped 3
Strapped 4
Strapped 5
Ferengi 1 (Mine Enemy)

Long Decorated 1
Long Decorated 2
Long Decorated 3
Long Decorated 4
Long Decorated 5

Basic Robe 1
Basic Robe 2
Basic Robe 3
Basic Robe 4
Vulcan Robe

Vertical Panel Robe 1
Vertical Panel Robe 2
Vertical Panel Robe 3
Vertical Panel Robe 4
Vertical Panel Robe 5

Wraparound Robe 1
Wraparound Robe 2
Wraparound Robe 3
Wraparound Robe 4
Ferengi Robe

Ambassador 1
Ambassador 2
Ambassador 3

Bajoran Vedek Robe - Gold
Bajoran Vedek Robe - Orange
Bajoran Vedek Robe - Gray
Bajoran Vedek Robe - Green

Formal Wear:
Off Duty Formal Female 1
Off Duty Formal Female 2
Off Duty Formal Female 3
Off Duty Formal Male 1
Off Duty Formal Male 2
Off Duty Formal Male 3
Off Duty Formal Male 4

Mercenary Outfits:
Federation Mercenary 1
Federation Mercenary 2
Federation Mercenary 3
Federation Mercenary 4
Federation Mercenary 5
Federation Mercenary 6
Federation Mercenary 7
Federation Mercenary 8

CStore Mercenary 1
CStore Mercenary 2

Special Characters