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# 1 Liberated Borg Alien idea.
07-31-2010, 12:56 AM
Alright, so I was somewhat sad when I got my borg, it seemed to lack the feel of 300$ 'bonus'. So, I know asking for cryptic to make buyable races stronger would be wrong (no matter how badly I want my Joined Trill to be stronger and borg to be too) I thought about the borg...

Its a liberated borg human? Im pretty sure they assimilate other aliens as well.. Why not make a Liberated Borg Alien that you get with Life time?

Basically, it combines Alien and Borg, and unlocks even more customization!

My idea was, All the customization and skill selection of the borg and alien race all in one package. Allow the Liberated Borg Alien to pick its 4 skills from the borg/alien traits list, and let it customize its appearance from both lists as well (maybe include all appearances of "unlocked" races for a truly custom appearance? Such as tails, horns, etc.)

Though personally, I feel the borg is deserving of -5- skills, requiring it to have the borg nanites and allowing it to pick the other 4 as mentioned above.. To me thats the power of a borg. (and worth the 300$).

What do you guys think? And please no trolling...(i know how all you out there have a problem with purchasable things being even -equal- in power to free stuff... but honestly, i think the borg deserves to be a bit better than free.)