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07-31-2010, 04:30 AM
Well, I know there's a few 1vs1 PvP ideas being flung around, and GM's have said they're working on it for a soon'ish(tm) release. I suppose its time to fling around some ideas to add to the pot.

No PVP queue' all for 1vs1. It should only be a right click on character challenge command. With that said, I also have two ideas to add into what options for 1vs1 could be used.

After challenge, the challenger can choose between two types of maps. One would be a basic pure space map, plain and simple. No nebula, asteroids or anything, just stars and blackness.

The second, for funs sake, but will require a lot of dev programming should be a thick Mutara nebula much alike star trek 2 wratch of khan.

- Thick patches of nebula which will obscure vision and sensors so one can only see and target within 2km's.

- Various patches of the nebula have further negative effects, aka, no shields, less auxiliary power, less weapons power, less speed etc.

- There should be some minor 'corridors' of clear areas within the nebula where nothing is effected, yet one can still not see into the patchy thick nebula.

Then think of how such a map could be implemented into some really cool PVE missions?

1vs1 should of course also include some ground options.

If 1vs1 must work via general queue system, then whoever started the match should be able to only choose to engage the match for both players if the person they wanted to 1vs1 with is in. Hence player names in the queue's should be visible and the player who started the queue's name should be the title of the match on the pvp queue list.