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# 3 Ive been cheated!!!!!
07-31-2010, 05:47 AM
Im a going to nerd rage for just a moment. I just bought the retrofit cruiser for 1,200 C-store Points on my my main character. Now in the information under the c store retrofit cruiser on the bottom paragraph it says. People can buy the retrofit ships using emblems per character. Buying the ship in the C store makes it avalible for all Vice Admirals on your account. Now going ahead with what i was saying. I just turned Vice Admrial on my alt and I whent to claim my intrepid and I got that, then I tryed to claim the retrofit cruiser I paid for with my main using C store points and it told me i had to buy the cruiser again! I checked the shipyard the rec officer as well as the unlockibles in the C store. And theres nothing. This ****ed me off and I feel like Ive been cheated. I sent 2 tickets in one for GM help and one generic ticket and I get no reposnce. If anyone is having this issue Please let me know or if any def is indeed watching the forums to look into this issue.