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07-31-2010, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by JovaniPicard
Im a going to nerd rage for just a moment. I just bought the retrofit cruiser for 1,200 C-store Points on my my main character. Now in the information under the c store retrofit cruiser on the bottom paragraph it says. People can buy the retrofit ships using emblems per character. Buying the ship in the C store makes it avalible for all Vice Admirals on your account. Now going ahead with what i was saying. I just turned Vice Admrial on my alt and I whent to claim my intrepid and I got that, then I tryed to claim the retrofit cruiser I paid for with my main using C store points and it told me i had to buy the cruiser again! I checked the shipyard the rec officer as well as the unlockibles in the C store. And theres nothing. This ****ed me off and I feel like Ive been cheated. I sent 2 tickets in one for GM help and one generic ticket and I get no reposnce. If anyone is having this issue Please let me know or if any def is indeed watching the forums to look into this issue.
When buying them from the C-store you have to have a ship slot open, once you buy it, it auto places into the slot and you can switch to it in the shipyard. Also buying them with emblems will take a very long time since you only get like 10 if you do every daily and they cost 500 to get them...