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07-31-2010, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by mattnx1701a View Post
I will leave this post because you are right about that and I do apologies for losing my temper (once again itís Saturday and Iím stuck at work and not playing the game I like) but by that same accord you need to stop posting in other threads about the c-store or any of its polices when that thread has nothing to do with it. I really enjoy playing this game but you seem to want nothing more to get people to stop playing. A new person comes in last week and asked how the game is and basically you tell him it mediocre at best then go in to one of your little rants about the c-store. Let people come to their own conclusion on the game and STO. You need to stop going around telling every your opinion like itís facts itís not itís your opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion but let them make up their own minds. if everyone started doing what you are doing then we would all be SOL on STO because no new players would come (here I am ranting on about your ranting on god I hate working on Saturday)
The OP asked if there was anything he should know about the game. I told him my honest to god impression of the game and Cryptic's policies. He asked, I answered.

Originally Posted by LotD
I am not inferring anything. They have repeatedly stated what they think their policy is. Just because you disagree that their clarification of that policy isn't a change in that policy, does not alter the fact that they do not see a conflict or a change having occurred. Why are they going to address something they do not think happened other than to repeat, again, "we have not changed our policy"?

Galaxy X was a different situation, so you really need to get over that.
You are inferring that just because they mention their policy and have never SAID it has been changed, they automatically think it hasn't changed. That is an inference. How do you know internally, it has changed and Stormshade was pointing out the person's "misquote" because it clashed with their new policy? You are inferring they don't think it has changed, when they very well could have. Point out exactly where they have said "We have not changed our policy". You are INFERRING from their statements they are trying to say that.

Their is a slight difference between Gal-X and this, you need to get over that.