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07-31-2010, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
You are inferring that just because they mention their policy and have never SAID it has been changed, they automatically think it hasn't changed. That is an inference. How do you know internally, it has changed and Stormshade was pointing out the person's "misquote" because it clashed with their new policy? You are inferring they don't think it has changed, when they very well could have. Point out exactly where they have said "We have not changed our policy". You are INFERRING from their statements they are trying to say that.
How do I know? Because he said so, and I have basic reading comprehension skills. His phrasing is very straightforward and devoid of any words that would suggest there was any kind of policy change.

He says "what we promised was." The "promise" is what you call their policy on items going to the C-store that have in-game effects. That promise, as he outlines it, is that any item that goes into the C-store will be balanced by an equivalent or better in-game item, and thus that player will have no advantage.

He goes on to say "we have not broken that promise yet." Changing the promise (or policy) would have broken it. Since he says they have not broken it, he cannot think they have changed it (unless he is lying, which is an entirely different accusation.)

Note that he does uses the word "we" and not "I", so he is speaking on behalf of a group (i.e. Cryptic) and not just himself.

Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
Their is a slight difference between Gal-X and this, you need to get over that.
Just a friendly piece of advice, if you want to throw someone's words back at them like this, you want to be sure it will make sense. Since I did not indicate a degree of difference, this quote makes my point for me and then tells me to get over it. That does not make any sense.

A better way to attempt to use my wording would be to say, "I don't care about the difference, and you need to get over that" or "I am not going to accept anything short of a Dev response to me specifically with the specific language I require, and you need to get over that." Or at the very least, despite how childish it would look, you could've gone with "There is no difference, and you need to get over that."