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12-09-2008, 11:57 AM
I think we are at the cross roads of this game ever seeing the light of day.
new money is fine a 2010 date instead of 2009 maybe ok if its to get the project right.
but we are looking at bean counters now.
cyrptic may still have creativity rights to st online but they no long have control of there bridge.
means if the star trek movie tanks.
cyrptic next project just does so so on the market. you will see the bean counters pull the plug on it or they'll water it down to get it realeased as fast as possible to try to get there money out of it.
atari was big in the 80's arcade games, alright in the early 90's amiga computers.
but they been almost bankruped since then.
as well your looking at a europian company who probly doesn't get the whole star trek thing compaired to north america.
its all about the $$$
God I hope I'm wrong about this!!!!