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07-31-2010, 04:08 PM
There were plenty of KvK space games back in the day. And the players rarely sat around cloaked until the enemy gave up. It happened, sure, but it was 1 in a 100 games. Way more likely was that players would fight it out against each other, and whoever won, won. Because both sides wanted the exp. A rather niche strategy evolved in a short while, but it died out quickly since people stopped playing KvK since there were only good pvp players there, and there were only bad pvp players (feds) in the FvK games.

Only the true griefers stayed cloaked forever - but there's no reason that would only happen in kvK games.

I thought FvF would ruin klingons, but now that I look at the queues at 45 and 51, there are still more feds in the FvK queue than there are klingons. Maybe it affected lower tiers different, I can't say. But FvF had no impact on the 45+ klingon population, other than possibly cutting off the supply of new klingons.