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Folks who like me have multiple player characters would appreciate this idea.

Why not have another bank beyond the existing personal bank and the fleet bank. It would function like the fleet bank (IE different tabs) but it would be only accessable to all the characters on a single account.

The number of tabs could equal the number of character slots on the account, and it should be able to hold any non bound item, as well as energy credits.

Folks are already mailing items to themselves, and selling stuff to themselves on the exchange to transfer credits, so this would not add any new functionality, just a ton of convenience.

Right now I have an entire bank filled with food for my tribble breeding hobby, another toon has the bank that holds tribbles, another holds gear I'm not using, etc.

If my idea were put into place, then all these things could go into their own tab in the same bank. It would make it a ton easier for my VA toon to buy stuff from my LT, or to manage data samples for crafting (samples in the account wide bank should be available for crafting as they are from the personal bank now), or to breed tribbles.