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12-09-2008, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by KO_Gilligan View Post
That's just straight out false - they didn't turn and hire her... Check your facts. She was already there. Additionally, they didn't offer this writer a lead seat... my guess is Christine or one of the team would still be in charge of content writing. How do you know they haven't hired an expert in the field or two, it's just not famous content writers that you were expecting?

Sounds to me like your just barking this stuff out. I don't see a single thing of relevance in your claim. They're making an MMO not a new series.... Jack didn't say enough to warrant your assumptions. If they didn't take on any writers yet, I'm sure there is still time if they need them.
Believe what you want. That is your own business. But I was there in Vegas when Jack stated they were planning to bring on a veteran Star Trek writer, and instead it appears that the most critical component, the history of what has happened from 2379 to 2409 i being written by someone who has never written Trek before, and furthermore, who is being lauded on these boards for essentially summarizing the work of other people in novels that already exist.

You can come to your own conclusions, I'll stick with mine.

Hmmm... I'm not sure what your getting at, but you just repeated yourself and threw in your solid and lengthy conclusions that this will now not feel like Trek.

So I guess they should have hired you, since I'm certain you have enough zeal to keep this accurate.
Better brush up on your writing skills though.
I never said they should hire me, nor did I ever infer that. I am no more qualified to write Trek than Rick Riley is. But that is the point. If you want to hire a writer that is familiar with a certain medium or source material, generally you don't go outside the medium on a hire when there are writers already available in that medium.

Would you hire Kobe Bryant to write a Broadway play? No, he knows nothing about Broadway.

You don't like my opinion, so be it. Frankly, I don't care. But I am still wondering why it was announced that a veteran Trek writer was being brought in, but instead, we have someone who has never written Trek leading the charge with the most important of the writing elements from a continuity standpoint.