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08-01-2010, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by vizmu View Post
I'm running a gtx 480 with no issues on win7 64bit using the 258.96 drivers.
But both the 470 and 480 run extremely hot and use loads of power.

1. Download EVGA Precision and force the an speed to 100%

2. Make sure your power supply is a good brand and can meet the requirements.

3 Get the latest drivers from the nvidia site.
After uninstalling the old drivers reboot and use driver cleaner. Then reboot again and install the new drivers.

If you're still having issues check the windows error logs.

They're the liquid cooled 470s, so I'm not sure how to force the fan speed on them. I'll have to check. The CPU temp is 47C, though, and it is cooled through the same liquid system. I wonder if that could be the problem?