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08-01-2010, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by Squiggs
Havent been on for a few months, had made it to r-admiral and decided to take a rest and see what improvements were made to game play. decided to come back on and discover that I cant use paypal,(?)
I can buy cryptic points with it but cant buy time...hmmm. So I went out and bought a 60 day game card (actually 2) and though the site recognizes its valid I keep getting an account error message. I have filed 3 support requests with no replies. A valid PayPal account, 4 months worth of time cards and I still cant play.

Better see some help soon or I'll scratch playing the game all together.
Same problem here... Except I did get an answer which is apparently a form letter. They simple told me that my payment method was declined. HAH! I can buy cryptic points with it but its declined when it comes to the subscription??? Really? I also tried everything, three different CCs, paypal, gametime cards everything and none of it works and their response is your payment was declined. uh no!

Billing support needs to look into this and give more then a form letter response. There is something wrong and it needs to be looked into.

My Support Ticket for reference is #933638 could one of you guys please look into? and provide more of an answer then a form letter. There is nothing wrong with my forms of payments, its your system that has the problem.