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Originally Posted by Omadigan View Post
This is partially untrue. If you have a scan the vessels in space mission to determine why they were damaged and there are enemies flying around (aka the ones responsible) You can destroy them and still get DPX

Originally Posted by T'Rehes
Not all explore missions grant DXP.

They need to be:

Missions that have no combat objective (kill XXX squads, etc)
Can't be Scan Anomalies
Can't be the scan prob fragments w/ hostile aliens ground mission

Other than that, unless the mission is bugged in general, you should get DXP.

Check the guide for more details.
Those missions have no combat objective, then just happen to have people trying to kill you.

As long as it's not a mission objective, it can involve combat.

The Stonewall Fleet Diplomatic Team feels confident that you can use the following rules to determine if an explore mission is likely to give you Diplomatic XP:

If a mission has a mission objective of killing X number of people/ships, then it will not give you DXP.

However, should a mission have peaceful objectives (scan this, fix that, etc) where you just happen to have people also trying to kill you, you will likely gain DXP. Should you have a mission with peaceful objectives and no one trying to kill you this will also grant DXP. Scan Anomalies is the only known exception to this, as it grants no XP or DXP.