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08-02-2010, 02:41 AM
Cryptic has done a great job adding in off-duty uniforms and expanding the list of hairstyles. So let me say "Thanks for listening to the community" to our devs. However as you guessed there are always a few more things that can use to be thrown into the mix.

Lots of things could be done with off-duty wear such as:
  • More variety in the cut of the clothes. For example, regional dress like kimonos or saris.
  • Skirts in miniskirt, knee and shin lengths.
  • Short sleeve shirts. (Everything is long sleeve except for the female MU tops. Is their a taboo against showing elbows in the future?)
  • More patterns to be used on clothes other than vertical vs diagonal strips, such as a floral, spiral or lightning bolt motifs as examples.
  • Logos we can add with similar size-location-rotation options as scars and tatoos. Designs could be the different emblems from the series (example) and / or the sort of generic images used by many teams (Tigers, Cowboys, Rockets, Stars ... etc).

KDF needs the TOS Female Klingon uniforms added.

Possibly a nice "see-through skin" option for aliens like the Gallamites.

Lastly, yet more hairstyles such as the Long Curlled female hair in Champions (or like Elaan had), a mullet (for those captains that both party & business), mohawks (just incase I want to play an Iroquois warrior), and long hair of varying lengths (e.g. should & mid-chest) that comes in both the well-combed and wild variety.

Did I miss anything?