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08-02-2010, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by CaptExpendable
May or may not want to note this on the storyline section; I expect it'll be fixed once the devs see the bug reports, but until then...

The Quarantine mission has a text bug of sorts. At one point during experimenting, it gives you the choice between Disodium or Calcium Somethingorother as a chelating agent. The Memory Alpha research states that Disodium is fatal, but using it during the experimental phase yields positive results. However, actually synthesizing the counteragent with Disodium doesn't work. So, despite it looking like it won't work, you'll need to use Calcium.

I suspect this is something along the lines of someone accidentally swapping labels on the buttons in the database. As I said, it's probably going to be fixed at some point, but until then a note might be in order on the guide?
I've seen no Cryptic response saying it's bugged, and I'm not sure it is. Your science officer tells you something along the lines of results with on a person being more important than results with a lab, and in some of the info you're given it also says that one of the chemicals that turn positive in experimentation turned deadly when used on a person.

When I read that I took it to mean that the experimentation may be misleading. So, I made a chart, cross referencing each chemical and how it tested, AND what the research or people said about it, and got my cure from that.

Worked first time.

I think it's just an involved mission that people are reporting as bugged because they don't expect to have to look over it so closely.

I'll try it again tonight on my toon and double check my chart, to make sure it didn't change. I do say how to make a chart in the guide, as it does help for this one.