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08-02-2010, 05:25 AM
I love many of the uniforms already ingame. The devs have done great job so far... keep it up!

there are several more types of uniforms id like to see ingame.

The "Wrath of Khan" Enlisted Jumpsuit -

The "TNG" worker's Jumpsuits -

The "TNG" Medical Tunic, Medical Jacket, Surgical Scrub, and Scientist Outfit -

The "DS9/Voyager and First Contact" Uniforms with rolled up sleeves -

The 'Voyager" and maybe another Pregnacy Uniform with the ability to add a pregnant stomach to female bodies -

The "TNG" Captains Jacket and Undershoot combo or seperate options to wear -

The "Voyager/DS9" Undershirts -

The "First Contact/TNG Movie" Undershirts -

The "Dominion War" Battle Uniform -

The "First Contact/TNG Movie" Admiral's Uniform -

The "Alternate Future/All Good Things" Uniforms -

The "Alternate Future/All Good Things" Admiral's Uniform -

The "Alternate Future/All Good Things" Cadet Uniform, Admiral's Uniform with Jacket, and Medical Coat -