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08-02-2010, 03:38 PM
Yes, definitely - we need more color options. Also, we need more general options to choose from - "Gauntlet 03" for all KDF characters, not just Klingon females, for instance. More hairstyles. I'd personally love to see a shirtless vest option like Captian Klaa wore in Star Trek V:

I love the new Orion and Nausicaan costume options....we just need a few more things and I think we'd be sorted out.
Wow. Klaa's hair is something else. I'd forgot about that do.

I really like the vest only idea for Klingons. And that should be pretty straightforward to add... I mean the vests are already in game, just drop the undershirts.

I wonder, what do you folks think about doing the same with chest armor (i.e. armor sans undershirt) like Klaa there?

--- Oh, and definitely need an expanded color pallet At least add in another row, like purples, to the pallets.