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Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
wow, that's kinda odd that the same company now pretty much owns the marketing and distribution of eve online and sto....i always kinda figured that when sto came out it would draw a lot of players from eve. it's not like a pepsi vs. coca cola decision, it's more like an indy venture vs a well established i.p. where the people who've been playing the indy game have been doing so b/c hey let's face it there's no star wars or star trek game like it. by a show of hands...anyone here fit that bill? i know i do. granted, eve has a great backstory, graphics, etc., plus not having to pay for expansions (which is a freakin great idea btw and they seem to be fully able to maintenance the game w/o those revenues-hint hint) but there's several fundamental flaws in the gameplay. never leaving your ship to go planetside, the really odd lack of truly alien races, etc. both of which sto guarantees. i just feel that when sto gets released, that's the end of the line for eve cause atari will not put enough money into properly marketing it and the money ccp put down to deliver retail copies will be in vain. then ccp goes bankrupt atari buys it ftw. then there goes a really great, groundbreaking game fell by the corporate machine. i don't fear for the future of sto nearly as much as i fear for the future of eve.
Um, you might want to check your facts out a tad more kthx?

Atari Merged with Infogrames, Infogrames went into the crapper, delisted it's securities, and now Atari is pulling back from that. Atari had to reneg on it's share prices and delist its securities, because it failed to meat the stock exchange rules....meaning it's stock price fell below $1.00. Now it would appear that Atari once again is going private, revamping it's corporate assets, and probably kicking a lot of executives out of the their respective chairs at the moment.

SO I wouldn't breath a sigh of relief just yet. We're not quite out of those hot waters just yet.

Regarding EvE vs. STO:

EvE and STO have absolutely nothing in common with each other. Not a thing.

CCP still holds the exclusive rights to EvE, they only allowed Atari to publish it under license from CCP in Box sets in the US. The majority of people can still download the game client directly from CCP/Eve's website.

Oh, and CCP merged with White Wolf, not Atari...

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