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08-02-2010, 08:37 PM
Originally Posted by Blackavaar View Post
Yeah, I'm sure. If it seems too light to you, feel free to use a darker shade. But I've tested the colors in the game while watching the films and pausing to check against the lighting in the different sets and matching them against different locations in the game. My friends have helped test and agree with the choice.

The problem may be that some areas in the game are really far too bright. The Requisitions room (where the Tailor is located) happens to be one of them. The central area of the Club is another. The lighting in these areas really needs to be dimmed a bit but no one has complained loud enough for the devs to change it.

Made that color change and played with the lighter color through a few missions to give it a fair showing in truly varied lighting conditions... you're right, it's the lighter grey. I was wrong and bow to your awesomeness!

Seriously, though, this thread needs to be a sticky and not just in my bookmarks.