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08-02-2010, 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by spidermitch View Post
Okay guys, I've created a Graphical Federation Ship Tier Chart. It's based on Suricata's original Ship Tier Chart (and I even included a credit to him on the pic). The main difference is that instead of one side profile shot of the ship, there are screenshots of each angle of the vessels. I've even included the C-store ships and the new Vice Admiral retrofit ships.

Known Issues:
Missing side / top / front shots of Imperial class - If anyone would post it, I will be happy to add it. Just take shots in the ship creator matching the angles like the ships already present on the chart.

TOS Constitution Light Cruiser - Could someone verify the hull / device slots / turn rate / crew are the same as the other starting ships?

I'll be working on keeping this chart up-to-date, and will add more info as the need arises.

Current Version:
STO Graphical Ship Chart v1.8

P.S. I don't normally post anything anywhere, but my buds pushed me to put this up... so be nice
Thanks everyone. I can't wait to hear your feedback!
The TOS Constitution has 20% More hit points and 2 engineering console slots.