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08-03-2010, 07:48 AM
I support a shared bank. I DO NOT support it being sold in the C-Store.

It would have serious game changing side effects if every player didn't have access to all of their characters items. How many times have you seen the mailing/exchange instructions pop up in zone chat at Sol? There are probably players that still don't know it's possible.

Just change the bank we have now to an account wide version. A tab for each character on the account (like Six-of-Nine suggests), or labelled tabs for Food, Tribbles, Ship Weapons, Consoles etc. with more tabs available for energy credits. Labelled tabs could help balance those who have lots of characters to those who have few.


Make it unlockable after a series of insufferably humourless Ferengi Diplomacy missions requiring cross dressing hijinks to access a desicated family members estate for one of the Memory Alpha merchants. (Plus the accolade title "Drag Mother" with a +.11001001 boost to Seduce and Confuse; only exposes in certain circumstances).

I'd love to be able to easily manage Tribbles, food, data samples, unbound items and other crap I collect; and a shared bank would help me with Aid The Planet DXP missions right now. So much of my time in this game is mailing things to myself. Plus, I hate logging on and off, and I'm pretty sure everyone on my friends list hates it too!

I'd use it to transer credits every now and then, but with a shared bank you could just purchase it and then put it in the bank for your other characters to use anyway.

You should be able to pool common/unbound items and uncommisioned officers, but I think merits should stay with the character they were earned with. Sharing them kind of undermines their value. I could however see a "transfer fee". (Courtesy of your local branch of the Ferengi Merchants Association).
Say you really want to retrain some BOff's and don't have enough merits on one character. Transferring 1000 merits from a more accomplished character will transfer 1000, but would deduct 1100 merits. The greater the level differential between the character having and the character needing, the high the fee.
The same could apply to all the other currencies.

A credit cost for transferring bound items could help in bypassing inflated exchange prices while still retaining the value and rarity of the items.

That's the extent of my mathematical ability and I have no knowledge of game mechanics/balance so I'll stop here.